Urban Trees Installation Photographs

Urban Trees, is a temporary exhibition of outdoor artworks created to enliven the pedestrian promenade along the San Diego Bay. Daniel's 12 foot (roughly, and that's being modest) bronze piece, Handstand is included in Urban Trees 7, and will be on view for one year. 

It became an adventure to finish, transport and install Handstand. 

In the studio, Daniel puts the finishing touches on Handstand and prepares for the transport to the Foundry.

At the Foundry, limbs are welded and patina is added for effect. Handstand is now ready for transport to San Diego. 

Getting Handstand into position is not a task for the weak

 World renowned sculptor, Jon Hair gets involved in the game.

It's Done!  

Urban Trees 7 Celebrated on San Diego Bay from Port of San Diego on Vimeo.

Watch the Urban Trees Dedication video to see the artist participants and interviews.