Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daniel Stern's Handstand
at Sunset and Mountain Street, Pasadena
for Pasadena Rotating Public Arts Program, August, 2011

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA-The Cultural Affairs Committee of Pasadena has scheduled the install of Daniel Stern's larger than life sculpture, "Handstand" at the corner of Sunset and Mountain Streets in Pasadena for late August, 2011 as part of the newly integrated Pasadena Rotating Public Arts Program.


The Pasadena Rotating Public Arts Program will engage various sectors of the community creating a dynamic visual experience which will stimulate discussion while educating the public about the importance of public art in the community.

Stern's passion for sculpting spans his entire life. With nearly a decade of work behind him and countless hours experimenting and perfecting technique, Stern's sculptures reflect his life experiences as a public servant, film maker, director, writer, actor and father.

About his process of creating his sculptures, Stern says, "I am a story-teller at heart and my sculptural work allows me to give a literal and visceral dimension to my characters. Much like taking a still frame from a film or extracting a page from a memoir, the work communicates freeing, fleeting, or reflexive moments of my characters' varied narratives. The decisive energy of their tales is represented by their gesture and movement."

In addition to his visual art career, Stern is well known for his acting roles in Breaking Away, Home Alone, and City Slickers, among others, and for directing television, movies, and Off Broadway plays.

Passionate about public service, Stern is the Founder and President for the Malibu Foundation for Youth and Families. In 2010, President Obama awarded Stern and his wife, Laure, the prestigious "Call to Service Award" for their notable volunteer work. Stern is a board member of the Creative Coalition and serves as Honorary Chairman of the California PTA. He also teaches Media Literacy at various schools and conventions nationwide.